Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wildest Dream

One of my wildest dreams is to spend the night in a mall. Just think of all fun and cool things you could do! Here is a clip of a favortie movie that help inspire this dream of mine. (Ps. I love this song... Oh and by the way, I can't believe my mom let me watch this as a kid... but whatev).

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

An Uncommon Love for...

Commericals!! I highly enjoy a good commercial. So for those of you who FF through them, here are some of my favs right now!

And here are a few old favorties...

Friday, January 1, 2010

Monday, December 14, 2009

Embarassing Moments!

Ok so I know that everyone has them, but I feel as though I experience one of these everyday! Whether I'm saying the first thing that comes to my mind, I'm not really paying attention and I end up doing something stupid, or I don't have to be doing anything at all and it just happens. So for your entertainment here are a few of these wonderful moments that I've had in my life recently.

1. I was at the gym with my trainer one evening doing ball crunches holding a kettle ball. ( For those of you who may not know what those are... you lay on your back on an exercise ball and you do sit-ups while holding these really heavy weights straight up and push them towards the ceiling, pretty simple!) My trainer decided to have me do these on the basketball court. While on my 5th or 6th crunch, my trainer noticed that my feet were sliding a little bit, so he planted his feet right in front of mine and he told me to push against his feet. So the next time I was curling up I pushed my feet against his.... BIG MISTAKE!!!... Next thing I know the ball flew out from under me and I landed straight on my butt. OUCH!!! My trainer laughed so hard and still will not let it go! Luckily no one else was in that room other than my trainer and I!!!

2. The other night our Home Teachers came by and had my roommate read a scripture for everyone. Well with my inability to really focus on things, my mind wondered. When she finished I was asked to share my feelings on the scripture!!! I froze. I had nothing to say and my HT was like, "You weren't listening were you?" and in my attempts to cover it up, I had nothing to say and it was just and ugly situation.

3. One time I was at the gym on BYU-I campus working on a machine, when I notice the guy that I have a huge crush on working out with some friends back behind me. I was excited for the possibility of getting to finally talk to him. While I was day dreaming of our first encounter, my arm sweeps down getting caught on my earphones flinging my iPod literally across the gym. In shock I climb off the machine and completely red-faced walk over and picked it up. Now I know that he definitely noticed me, but sad to know it was because of that. And for those of you wondering, those day dreams never came true that night...or any other night!

I could really go on and on about this special times in my life, but for the sake I don't have enough time to write them all, here is one last one that takes the cake this Christmas season...

4. A few weeks ago I attended my ward Christmas party. There we had a big Christmas dinner, with some festive musical performances, and to end the evening we had a special visit from the great man himself...Santa!!!! We all lined up to sit on his lap to tell him what we wanted for Christmas. We even received a little gift, which was such a great treat. I got a word search!! After all the festivities were complete and everyone began to clean up, I went to go get my purse that I had placed in a classroom. Opening the door I notice the lights were on, but didn't think anything of it. When I entered the room, I saw something that would change the way I look at Christmas and more specifically Santa Clause forever! There was Santa with his pants down!!! My eyes! My Eyes!! Let me just tell you that that was not something I asked him for! Lets just hope that he didn't put me on his naughty list after that!

Monday, November 23, 2009

To Sum Up...

So here is what my peeps and I have been up to for the past few months. For Halloween had some friends over to carve pumpkins.
Trevor, Staci, Tim, and I

Not bad, eh?

Kevin, Marti, Me, Emily, Staci, Tim

Halloween Night

This year I decided to be Marilyn Monroe. I was so lucky, cause my costume only cost me $13. I got my dress from my work for free, along with that my employer Tonia let me barrow her jewelry and gloves! All that I had to buy were my eyelashes and faux fur to add the finishing touches to the perfect Marilyn.

Alison, Emily, and I

Halloween night I stopped by Tonia's house where I continued my family tradition of having chili for dinner! Next my lady friends and I hit up a bumping party at an airplane hanger! There we met up with friends from the ward and got hit on by drunk guys! Good times!

Arizona State Fair

Well it was the last night of the state fair, so my friends and I decided we should go! When we arrived we walked around to scope out the different festivites. Our first adventure was the ferris-wheel. Which turned out to be scarier than we were expecting. The one we got in line for had no doors. So when we climbed in...which of course I was on the edge... there was nothing to keep us from falling to our deaths.

Here we are a bit freaked out!

A few views from the top!

After we realized that it wasn't too bad we moved on to the next adventure, the swings! I know that some of these photos aren't the most attractive, but they are in action!

One ride that had us all in a tissy, was the...big twirly ride, which the name of I can't recall. That was my favorite!

Here we are getting off that crazy thing

Because the fair overcharges for their rides, we could only do it once. You can only buy 5, 10, 20, or 100 tickets at a time and all the rides require an odd number of tickets, so after one or two rides you don't have enough to ride another. So my friends and I decided we weren't going to put up with this crap! So we untied by putting our tickets together and found the solution was that only three of us could ride one last ride. Valerie, Alison, and I were the lucky ones that got to ride the merry-go-round! What fun it is sticking it to the fair! Take that!

Flagstaff Weekend

For Alison's birthday we had the privilege to go up to Flagstaff for the weekend! Thanks to one of Alison's co-workers we were able to stay at their cabin. When we got back, everyone was asking us what we did....the answer: absoultly nothing! It was fabulous! We laid around eating, watching movies, eating, playing games, laughing, eating, shopping, hanging out with Emily's old friend, and did I mention eating? It was so hard coming back to life after such a relaxing weekend! Life was good!

We thought we'd start the weekend off right, by digging right into the
cookie dough on the way up!

Alison's birthday cake... created by Emily... Yummm!

Shopping in downtown Flagstaff


To end...a little treat! Enjoy, this is a rare art you don't see everyday!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Here I Come

I'm here! Enjoy these special moments from my wild and crazy world!