Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Wildest Dream

One of my wildest dreams is to spend the night in a mall. Just think of all fun and cool things you could do! Here is a clip of a favortie movie that help inspire this dream of mine. (Ps. I love this song... Oh and by the way, I can't believe my mom let me watch this as a kid... but whatev).


  1. ALI,
    just know that I want to spend the night in IKEA and one of these days I will. You can join me. How are we so the same? I swear that I don't copy you on purpose, we just happen to come from the same womb. (no i will not say that out loud). And who's really to say that I copy you. you just happen to post things on your blog about our common interests first. But for the record I have been telling my roommates about my secret desire of spending the night in a store, so they can verify that I didn't copy you. Also I'm an Advertising major! of course I have a love of funny commercials.
    That's all.

  2. One of my first thoughts was: "They better have put all their play clothes back where they found them"...I'm such a mom! I like that song too!